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To study your family ancestries and histories can truly be an amazing! It can tell some amazing stories of both hardship and triumph! But you can use it to discover many things such as tracing the origination of your family, to confirm family stories. To discover genetic illnesses, and even military records! There are so many reasons you could want to find out your family history! What is your reason?

But what most people don’t know is that it can also show you more about yourself, and how you can affect your future generations by the everyday decisions you make! Because Scientists are saying that your grandparents and their grandparents have all come together to affect how you have evolved, and become you not just with your appearance and common features, but your personality as well!

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Even if you fall flat on your face, you are still moving forward!

Falling but moving forward..

Nelson mandela’s Quote about his Ancestry!

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First Cousin, Second Cousin, Second Cousin-Twice Removed… WHAT?! We Explain the Difference in an Easy Way!

Cousins once removed pic

There are so many jokes like the picture above around, but these don’t help us understand all the confusion about the relationship between family members do they?! I heard someone once call it “the degree of cousin-ness” once … which of course was funny at the time, but very true when you think about it! For example, if a random bloke walked up to you while you are out and about and said “G’day mate! How’s it going? I’m actually related to you, you are my 3rd cousin, twice removed!” Would you actually know what he meant? Would you actually know where, and what the actual connection was?

Well we thought we might write up a quick and simple examination to help you understand it easily and more clearly!

So without doubt you all know the basic meaning of cousins, or 1st cousins just being the children of your parent’s siblings, your aunts and uncles… Well one step further than that is of course is your 2nd cousins… 2nd cousins as some of you may know are the people in your family who have the same Great-Grandparents, but not the same grandparents!

Your 3rd cousins have the same great-great-grandparents, 4th have the same great-great-great-grandparents and so on.

But where does the ‘removed’ part come in? And what does that mean?

Well, the removed put simply just means they are in a different generation to you. For example, your 1st cousin once removed is one of your parents’ first cousins! Simple?

So this means your 1st cousins, twice removed are your grandparents’ first cousins.

Still not getting it? Or want it more easily explained? Here’s a little diagram we have created to help!

Cousins explained

An absolutely great way to solidify this information in your mind is to use examples!

So! Here’s a quick example for you! (You can switch your own family members for example names used if you like!)

generations of cousins image

OK, so Amanda and Sam are 1st cousins. They have the same Grandparents, no ‘removed’ needed.

Indiana and Crystal are 2nd cousins. They have the same Great-Grandparents, no ‘removed’ needed.

But Amanda and Crystal are 1st cousins, once removed!

Sam and Jack are 1st cousins, twice removed!

Does this make sense to you? Did this help at all? We would love to hear your thoughts!

We hope this helps you!

<3 Aimee & Bev!

Competition Winners Announced!



Renae Haygarth


Karen Hardy

You are our two winners of our competition to get your ancestry researched for free!

We will be contacting you within the next few days to collect the information we need to get started, alternatively you could contact us yourselves in the contact us section, and we will call you from there!

Please check the competition page for details on what we will need to get started! :-)

As you may have noticed both of our winners are from Facebook. We had no valid competition entries on twitter, and as per our terms and conditions we could have only chosen one winner, but we decided to grab a second from Facebook anyway!

For those who didn’t win, stay tuned, we will be holding a similar competition next year!

On top of this we will be regularly posting free information on helping you conduct your own research in the mean time, along with many fun ideas to incorporate your kids and family into their ancestry!

And while you are reading this, we are offering a flat 10% discount to everyone on the payment plans for our package deals if you order before the new year! Please quote the code: Puzzle-prizes for your discount!

Congratulations again to our winners! We are extremely eager to get started! We have a very challenging hard task ahead of us!

Let’s do it!

I met my grandfathers babysitter 11 years after he passed away!

As we grow up our parents tell us not to talk to strangers, and although when we are children this is an important safety measure. I believe this is not a trait we should keep into adulthood.  You can have truly amazing moments in life if you open the doors and let people enter your life, they may start out strangers but then as you get to know them things change and you may have an incredible experience like the one I had the pleasure of recently, and find out they aren’t really strangers at all!

I was lucky enough to have had the amazing experience of meeting  a sweet and kind old lady by the name of Eileen (I don’t want to give her full name for privacy, family contact me personally for details). In general conversation she found out my family were local to the area and we got talking about who they were. I told her who my grandparents were and she asked enquiringly “Did he have a brother by the name of Rex and a sisters named Dawn and Betty?” I replied a little shocked “Yes!”. We continued to chat and we confirmed that we were talking about the same person! She revealed she used to babysit my grandfather when he was a toddler! I had met my grandfathers babysitter! This was truly a very emotional experience which bought me to tears 11 years after his passing.

My grandfather, Neil Crouch was one of the most amazing, kind, caring and inspiring men I had ever known.  So when he passed away in 2002 when i was only 17 , I was absolutely devastated, as was our entire family. The overwhelming out-poor of love and support received from his many friends and extended family, from across the whole of Australia was so very appreciated, and it serves as a testament of how loved he was. So you can imagine my emotional state while talking to Eileen about my grandfather who had passed away from cancer many years ago.

Eileen proceeded to tell me about how adorable he was as a baby, and how she used to get excited when she saw his mum coming down the road on their horse and cart (they both lived on farms outside a small regional town in New South Wales, but relatively close to each other).  Her eyes lit up as she explained how huge the mare they had was, and how it was almost put down because none of the horse handlers could keep her under control, and everyone kept clear of her stall in the stables. However apparently his mother, my great grandmother Kathleen Crouch who was the tiniest woman around had complete control of her, and with her the huge mare was extremely well behaved and was very loyal to it’s family. She said my great grandmother although she was a very small lady in size, she was a very strong and proud woman, who easily handled this “uncontrollable” mare as well as 4 young children everyday.  She went on telling me many stories of him, his siblings and mother when he was merely a baby & toddler!

This was such a rewarding experience, and when I got home I immediately called my mum (Bev, our Ancestry Researcher) about what I had just heard about her father. She immediately broke down in tears and thanked me. Finding out these kinds of family stories are more emotional than you expect them to be, you just need to watch an episode or two of “who do you think you are?” to realise the potential for finding out some fantastic details about your family’s history, and it’s absolutely worth it!

Open those doors and be kind! It will get you further in life than being secluded and withdrawn, life will be so much more fulfilling!

You never know who you may meet, or what you might find out about others or even yourself or your family, you never know when strangers aren’t really strangers at all!

WIN your Ancestry Researched for FREE!!!


WIN Your Ancestry Researched for FREE!

We will be Choosing 2 Lucky Winners for our Social media Competition!

1 Winner from Facebook!


1 Winner from Twitter!


What you will win:

* A generation by generation narrative report on TWO of your specified lines of family,  back to the 1700’s or until the immigrated to Australia, whichever is the earliest.

* Copies of all original documents ordered and a print out of all other documents found during the research.

*If we happen to come across any photographs of your ancestors we will pass them along to you!

 * If we happen to come across any interesting information or documents about your ancestors and their lives we will also pass that along to you!

* A copy of all of your information in digital text format on a Flash Drive.

* A digital version your family chart and research in the popular GEDCOM format on a Flash Drive.

*A framed picture chart of your family tree!

Package for comp


How to Enter:


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Only Eligible Entries will be considered by the Promoter for the award of any prize. For more information see our Competition page.


The Competition question is…

“Why do I want to research my Family Tree?”

Get creative! We are looking forward to seeing your entries!


Competition Closes on 17th November 6pm AEST.


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